MovieMoto from MOTO MECOA

MOTORCYCLE RENTALS to the Southern California MOVIE and ADVERTISING Industries
Located in Irwindale, CA we have the
Rare, Odd, Classic, Exotic, and Unknown
Specializing in Italian Marks from the Collections of Randy and Dino Linsalato
Most are available in triplicate so you can save production time by making multiple shots at one time.
Also many models available in multiple conditions, basket case, junk, tired, average, & pristine,
All in the same bike so if progression in either direction is needed, we already have it.

Nearly 600 Classics available... These are just a few...

WE ALSO HAVE Several Italian Supercars from the 70's and 80's
1973 and 1974 DeTomaso Panteras ---1986 and 1989 Lamborghini Countachs
Fiats and Lancias from the 50s 60s 70s and 80s

We can literally fabricate ANYTHING. Antique Cars, Motorcycles and Concept Cars.
Here's our Countach test.

Contact Randy at 626.5O2.8l8O or Dino at 626.246.6347
From the well know Exotics

Ducati 750 - 7 Available. All round case models including a 1974ss

or the odd, unknown to make your audience wonder

Garelli Gladiator - 4 Available

The rust buckets to fill that perfect scene
The known Classics

Benelli 650 - 18 Available in 3 Colors
Ducati 450 - 6 Available
The Strange to leave the common bike enthusiast scratching his head

Moto Morini 150 - 2 Available
Parilla 100 - 3 Available

Sears - 1 Available
Parilla 98 - 5 Available

Bianchi - 3 available
Ducati Cadet - 2 Available
We have a huge inventory for your selection and most all in duplicate and many in triplicate.
Nearly a model from every post WWII Italian Producer.
We even have a handful of British, Japanese, Austrian, and Russian marks.
Contact Randy at 626.5O2.8l8O or Dino at 626.246.6347
Back Lot at Movie Moto
On location with Jason Robarts for
the shooting of Melvin and Howard 1979
Rescuing 13 Fiats for Lancaster after sitting for 50+ Years
Building our Lamborghini Countach
Our Fiat Bertone Brochure Photo Recreation
Our Latest Motorcycle Additions  
More things we've rescued


We met some old friends at the San Marino Auto Classic 2022

Dino and Gino Linsalato with Chip Foose (and Julie)


Dino and Jay